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My 3rd Graders devoured Book 1 and are so eager to read Book 2!

I myself read it in one sitting and could not wait to turn the page to see what adventure was coming next! This is a splendid gem of a book to get elementary children hooked on reading.


 Madhavi Ray

3rd-Grade Teacher, Oneness-Family School 

Chevy Chase, Maryland 





Reading this book has been a genuine pleasure.

The way Josh Katz uses the Messiah narrative/trope to introduce his main characters and the story's setting is brilliant. High School teachers need to focus their efforts on engaging stories like "The Sword of the Sands" to teach their students about classic literary form!


 Bruce Hayden

Author of "Parallel Lives" and "Legacy" 

When is the movie coming out?!


 4th Grader

District of Columbia Public Schools

Washington DC 

The Sword of the Sands - an enchanting story of a magical year in the life of Elaina Crawford, a girl "who saved the past, present and future all in one day."  Mr. Katz skillfully paints a vivid picure of Elaina's world that captures and holds our imagination; a world of courage, drama and unexpected turns. Can't wait to meet Elaina again in Book 2!

 Joyce & Dick K. 

Lorton VA 





What a touching, hugely entertaining, and delightful book written by a markedly gifted young story teller.


 Marianne L. 

Wilmington NC 





Hi Josh I recently finished your book and.... OH MY GOD! I've not been that giddy since my first Percy Jackson novel.


 Tyler Dos Santos 

Washington DC 





I liked the book!!! I am looking forward to the second one... the story would make a great animated movie.


 Dr. F 

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