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The Dark Throne by Josh Kotz
The Dark Throne


    Publication: PENDING

     Story: Josh Katz

     Art and Illustrations: Hans Aguilar



Blahblahblahdeblah. Blah blah blah. Blah blahblahblabla BLAH. The first volume of Josh Katz's Dark Throne. will be available this year.  Read the story's plot here and discover your inner warrior in this fantastic tale!

(Art: Hans Aguilar) Volume 1 cover for Dark Throne

Story Arc for Dark Throne: 

Dark Throne Welcome one and all to play the newest online virtual reality game “Immortal Lords” where you create your own Avatar and work your way through the levels to prove that you have what it takes to become an Immortal Overlord. So far, none have made it to the final level where they shall present themselves to the Four Great Overlords who will judge if you are worthy to sit on the Black Throne as the Grand High Immortal. However, one player, Asagi Kosawa, a often frowned on and unpopular girl who is constantly pushed around by her parents and classmates to live up to everyone’s expectations somehow manages to make it to the final level. Only, it turns out that there is more to the game than meets the eyes when Asagi is sucked through a portal and wakes up in the guise of her Avatar, Lady Kila the Crimson Witch. Scared and confused, Asagi tries to wrap her mind around what is going on when it is revealed that the game was in fact a test from another dimension set up by the other four Immortals to determine who was worthy to become the Fifth and final Immortal who would rule over the others and sit atop the Dark Throne.


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