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Book two | The Enchanted Destiny Chronicles
The dreaded cosmic event known as the Fire Eclipse has arrived. And the forces of Darkness are here ready to rule the Realm. Where are our heroes?
Our hero Elaina Crawford and her friends at the Monastery School are in danger and must fight to save it and themselves from the forces of the Dark One at the most harrowing time; a cataclysmic cosmic event known as the Fire Eclipse that happens once every hundred years!  Even worse, Elaina becomes distraught as newcomer and protege Karen Foster is suspected of attempting to murder her friends.  As Elaina ventures to learn more about Karen and her whereabouts, what she finds threatens their friendship and reveals a dark side she was not aware of; a much unsettling truth is uncovered and even greater horror awaits as the Fire Eclipse takes over in the Realm of Enchantment.
       The Fire Eclipse thrusts Elaina back into the fray, combatting both old foes and fantastic newer arch enemies and… a new horror makes itself known. Can she save her friends from this new evil?  There is much unrest within the Monastery walls and the Realm of Enchantment this time around.
       Join Elaina Crawford and her friends as their adventure in the Realm of Enchantment continues in our story The Fire Eclipse, Josh Katz's second installment of the epic saga The Enchanted Destiny Chronicles.
       If you want to understand more of the mystery of Elaina's origin, what the power of the Sword holds, and her destiny in the Realm of Enchantment, read about her exciting beginnings in Josh Katz's The Sword of the Sands, the first book in the series The Enchanted Destiny Chronicles. 



J O S H  K A T Z



J O S H  K A T Z

Book one | The Enchanted Destiny Chronicles
One girl, one sword, a prophecy, 
and the lives of everyone in the Realm of Enchantment will change.
Josh Katz's first novel The Sword of the Sands begins the epic arc of Elaina Crawford, an ordinary reluctant common girl growing up in London and her incredible journey. 
        Unlike the ordinary Commoners living in London, a prophecy had foretold of Elaina's destiny and her special powers.  After turning thirteen, she soon realizes her happy ordinary life will no longer be the same and the shock of her origins is about to be revealed.
        Join our hero Elaina and her newfound friends as they wield extraordinary skills and master amazing powers, abilities they will need to counter the ominous dark threat of evil beings determined to undermine our heroes of the Realm of Enchantment.
        This is a fantastic tale of encountering mysterious puzzles, magical beings and weaponry, battling chilling creatures of darkness, fighting the Bound Battle, and so much more!
       Uncover the mystery of Elaina's origin, what the power of the Sword holds, and her destiny in the Realm of Enchantment told in this exciting story of The Sword of the Sands, the first story in Josh Katz's series The Enchanted Destiny Chronicles
       Join Elaina Crawford and her friends as they continue their exciting adventures in Josh Katz's next story, The Fire Eclipse. More thrills and more excitement awaits you in the next installment of the epic saga The Enchanted Destiny Chronicles.   




Fourth Grader, Washington D.C. Public School

OH MY GOD! I've not been that giddy since my first Percy Jackson novel. 

Tyler Dos Santos 

Reading this book has been a genuine pleasure... It was very engaging right from the first pages.  I love the way Josh describes his characters... I quickly found myself caught up in the story.

Bruce H., Professor 


I liked the book!!! I am looking forward to the second one... the story would make a great animated movie.

Dr. F 



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