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Covet Fenrir


    Webtoons Edition

     Created by Josh Katz

     Art & Illustrations by Marah S. Español

In the darkness you see a shape moving across the city's rooftops.  With the cunning and deftness of an acrobat, a half human-half wolf figure posed as a burglar undertakes the impossible, while defending against heinous villains.  His quest: to reclaim stolen expensive treasure and artifacts and return it rightfully to the people of the world.  

       By day, Cloud von Lupo is known and respected by everyone as a world-class pastry chef.  But at night he sorties out to seek and foil the plans of the notorious gang known as the "Claw" transforming into the international thief and vigilante known as Covet Fenrir.  A name also known to INTERPOL's inspector Nikolai Jaguaro, whose attempts to capture the elusive fugitive is met with wacked-out showdowns and consequences.  

       Follow each episode as Covet Fenrir stymies his nemeses who are all eager to out-do, out-class and counter his moves.  Click on the first episode !

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