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Yuzuki Shuzuka "Monster Keeper" by Josh Katz
Monster Keeper


    Webtoons Edition

     Story: Josh Katz

     Art & Illustrations: J. Del Rosario

The reputation of an alt-student street tough tomboy is known among her friends and enemies as THE GREAT PUNK HUNTER.  

       Yuzuki Shuzuka knows everything about the streets of her town and nothing seems to catch her off guard until something most unexpected happens to her. She stumbles upon a hidden lab where a young Frankenstein girl lays in suspended animation. When she enters to investigate further, Yuzuki unwittingly activates the Creature, who is called "Elle," and marks Yuzuki as her Keeper. Yuzuki later learns that she has stumbled into something even bigger; the entire town has become a major arena for monsters of all sorts and their keepers!

       How will the Queen of the Streets be able to survive what lies ahead? Or will having to care for the Creature prove too much for her? Read the first episode of this exciting series and see how Yuzuki battles punks, monsters, and other keepers!



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