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The Sword of the Sands – Josh Katz
The Sword of the Sands

    ISBN-13: 9781624290442

    Publication: Opus Self-Publishing, December 2014

    Paperback, 383 pages

    Edition language: English

Darkness had come to the land. Her destiny was foretold by an old blind woman in the village.  Elaina Crawford is the center of two worlds and the heroic force behind a grisly and storied journey.  In the end, the answer to an ancient riddle: What is the mystery of the Sword? 

Every page is an exhilarating roller coaster ride! Join Elaina and her band of warrior friends as they crusade through the land in this saga of searching for the truth, the meaning of her existence and the riddle of the sword. This is the first book of an epic tale in Josh Katz's The Enchanted Destiny Chronicles.  

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