The Sword of the Sands is a prelude to a number of sequels. Josh's first novel opens the story for a planned six-book tween fantasy adventure series, The Enchanted Destiny Chronicles


The first book begins the epic arc of Elaina Crawford, daughter of an elf and a vampire, and her newfound friends who look human but have other-than-human qualities. Elaina and her friends are propelled forward solving magical puzzles, battling creatures of darkness, fighting the Bound Battle, and coming face-to-face with their destiny while seeking The Sword of the Sands.


Josh's second book The Fire Eclipse is now available in print!  More magic, more mystery, more adventure, more thrills and romance awaits you as the story continues the coming-of-age saga of Elaina and her friends.

The Sword of the Sands – Josh Katz
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