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Dynasty of The Dragon – Volume 1


    ISBN 9781624292187

    Publication: Politics and Prose, June 2019

    Paperback, 108 pages

    Edition language: English

    Rating: T

The first volume of Josh Katz's fantasy adventure series Dynasty of The Dragon.

       An average high school student is wishing for some form of excitement in her life. But when a mysterious monk from ancient times appears, followed by the embodiment of death and destruction, Sireen is worried she may have gotten more than she bargained for.

       Now with the help of some newfound friends, their journey begins to correct the problems of the past in order to save the present and ensure the future. But will they be able to succeed or will their world become bathed in blood and ruled by shadow?      

       Discover the inner warrior in you and read this fantastic tale, Dynasty of the Dragon!


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